Cut Home Insurance Costs, Not Coverage

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For most products, saving money means lowering your expectations. For example, you can significantly reduce the price of a laptop by dialing back on the processor you want, making do with less RAM or living without a top-of-the-line dedicated graphics card. But home insurance isn’t like most products. You needn’t sacrifice the quality of your coverage to save money on your premium. Follow these five tips and you can shave big dollars off your bill without weakening the protection for what’s likely your largest investment. Shop your coverage Don’t let your current provider take you for...

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Choosing a New Bathroom Faucet

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In the overall scheme of a bathroom, the sink faucet might seem like an incidental detail, but its design can set the tone for the whole space. If it’s been a while since you last shopped for a faucet, you’ll be amazed by the broad range of styles, finishes and state-of-the-art functions available today. Style Are you updating an old sink, or planning a complete bathroom remodel? If you’re focusing on the sink, your choices will be somewhat limited, since the faucet will need to fit into the existing setup. Ideally, it will coordinate with other fixtures in the room. If you are redoing the...

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Selling a Home in 2015: 5 Resolutions for Success

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If you’re considering selling your home in 2015, you should know that a lot has probably changed in the real estate market since you last sold. Knowing what works today — and resolving to put the tips and advice of the past to rest — will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar. 1) Appeal to mobile buyers Today nearly all home searches begin on a smartphone or tablet — not on the Web, and not using the newspaper. If you want to get the right kind of buyer activity on your home, you need to make sure that you optimize your listing and your photos for mobile devices. If you use the...

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Hoping to Buy a Home in 2015? Start Planning Now

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At the start of a new year, many real estate agents’ phones begin ringing with calls from potential buyers who want to get in the market. If buying a home is on your agenda for 2015, now’s the time to begin working toward your goal. Here’s a guide to the home buying experience to get you started. The dreaming phase We are all more connected than ever, which makes researching a new home easy and convenient. The dreaming phase, which has no definitive start time or length, means thinking about what you want in a home, exploring neighborhoods and casting the widest net possible. This phase...

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Clean Up Spills Before They Become Stains

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When holiday guests gather in your home to enjoy festive food and drink, there are bound to be a few accidental spills and splatters that could make your carpets a casualty of the celebration. Many foods and beverages can stain, distracting you from the party and straining your composure as host. Don’t lose your cool! Let us teach you how to treat common types of stains so you can save your furnishings (and your friendships) from ruin. Before you start When you spot a spill, get to work quickly to prevent it from turning into a stain. Start by scraping away the spilled material, being...

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Can Shopping Around for a Mortgage Keep You from Getting One?

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Almost all home buyers know that higher credit scores mean lower mortgage rates, so it’s no surprise that one of the top questions home buyers ask is: will shopping for mortgage rates lower my credit scores? The short answer is “No.” Only if you manage your mortgage shopping process correctly. Here’s how to preserve your credit score while shopping for the best rates. Is it safe to have multiple lenders run my credit? Three bureaus generate your credit scores: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Lenders report your monthly activities on student loans, credit cards, auto loans and mortgages to...

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