4 Simple Strategies to Shave Years Off Your Mortgage

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No one wants to spend longer making mortgage payments than they have to. The obvious way to pay off a mortgage faster is to get a shorter-term loan, like a 15-year instead of a 30-year. But on a $300,000 home purchase with 10 percent down, you’ll pay about $620 more per month on a 15-year loan than on a 30-year loan (including mortgage insurance), which might be too expensive for you. So how do you fix your budget with a loan you can afford, yet still pay it off early if you have extra money? Here’s a look at four common approaches.   Refinance and then reinvest savings It’s always prudent...

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Questions to Ask Your Agent before Listing Your Home

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You plan to sell soon, and you’ve already chosen your agent. You are in the middle of cleaning, painting and prepping the home. As the listing period approaches, it is time to dig deeper into the final pricing, sales and marketing plan. The ultimate list price or go-to-market strategy may change based on inventory levels and the competition. As you get closer to finalizing the listing, there are some questions you’ll want to ask your agent. What’s the highest price my home could attain given its size, location and space? You can’t up and move your house to a better location. And a fourth...

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What Renters Need to Know About Landlords

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If you’re a renter, you’re probably well aware of the current state of the rental market. Supply is limited and demand is huge, so your housing is costing you dearly. And the financial strain isn’t limited to hot spots like New York and San Francisco. In fact, analysis found 90 cities where the median rent — not including utilities — is more than 30 percent of the median gross income.   As landlords sit comfortably in the driver’s seat, here’s what else they’re up to: Making money Home owners who rent out their property are making money — if they’re in places like Oklahoma City, Miami-Fort...

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Does Your Home Have Too Much Personality?

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Does Your Home Have Too Much Personality? Many sellers love their homes. They’ve made some of their most important memories there, and their home is literally where their heart is. When these homeowners took on improvements, from painting rooms to kitchen and bath renovations, they likely did it with the idea of adding personality. When it’s time to sell, those same homeowners sit across the dining room table from their real estate agent and wonder why, after three months, their home hasn’t sold. Usually, it’s because the home has too much personality. The problem with personality is that...

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How to Care for Your Lawn This Fall

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How to Care for Your Lawn This Fall Autumn is generally seen as the season of winding down before winter dormancy. But when it comes to lawn care, fall is a busy time. What you do now will go a long way in safeguarding the health your grass, not only for the immediate future, but also for the next growing season. While on the surface your fall lawn may look a bit bedraggled, the roots below ground are still hard at work, storing up the reserves they’ll need to survive the winter and thrive come springtime.   Though at other times of year there are reasons to choose a fast-acting liquid...

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How to Buy a Home in One Market While Selling in Another

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How to Buy a Home in One Market While Selling in Another Someone being transferred for work or making a major move for personal reasons may end up selling in one market and buying in another. The ideal scenario would be to sell in a sellers’ market and buy in a buyers’ market. The worst-case scenario is to do the opposite.Here are some tips for buyers and sellers in any market. Know before you go The days of a national estate market are gone. Today, markets vary by state, town, city and even block by block. But most people don’t realize this. So it’s important to start by researching the...

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