4 DIY Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Real Estate, Staging Your Home for Sale, Tips | 0 comments

Buds on branches and the chirping of birds signal the start of spring, but they also mean that the high season for real estate has arrived. If your house is on the market, then you’ve likely given some thought to staging — that is, furnishing and accenting rooms in a way that encourages prospective buyers to picture themselves moving in. But what about your home’s exterior? Simple maintenance and easy updates can go a long way toward ensuring that your house makes a great first impression. If you’re looking for a quicker sale at a higher price, you’ll want to wow visitors from the first...

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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Staging Your Home for Sale, Tips | 0 comments

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and lighten up your home. By simply removing the doors on upper kitchen cabinets — and then painting the back interior wall of the cabinets with an eye-catching color — you can create an open and playful display space that also provides ultra-functional kitchen storage. This makeover is perfect if you’re living in a rental home or renovating on a tight budget, because you get a huge transformation for little more than the cost of a quart of paint.   Supplies 1 quart self-priming matte or semi-gloss paint 2-inch angled paint brush 4-inch roller brush...

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Picking a Moving Company: How Do Your Choices Stack Up?

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Moving, Tips | 0 comments

Selecting a moving company from among the many available options can be overwhelming. You probably have a few friends who have recently relocated and can recommend a company, and there are plenty of movers’ ads online and offline. You can easily find a moving company — but is it the right one? The process of choosing a mover varies slightly depending on what kind of move you’re planning, but a few key factors are constant. Licensed means safe The first and most important point to investigate is the company’s legal status. Movers may claim to be licensed and insured, but unless you can...

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4 Tips for Making Any Room Seem Larger

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Staging Your Home for Sale, Tips | 0 comments

Plenty of people live in tiny homes, small rooms, or just diminutive spaces. No matter what your reason for living in smaller quarters, you’ll undoubtedly have to make some compromises in your decorating. To live happily and efficiently in smaller square footage, you’ll want to get organized and make some adjustments to your lifestyle. By making the most of color, strategic furniture buying, space planning and interesting lighting, your place can feel wonderfully “you” — with all the space you need.   Expand your square footage to the outdoors If you have large windows with beautiful views,...

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Spring Cleaning: 5 Can’t-Miss Spots

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By this time of year, many people feel winter has seemed endless. That makes it a great time to tackle spring cleaning. When the weather finally warms up, you can get outside and enjoy the sun. For a thorough deep cleaning, focus on the dark corners and recesses of your home — the places that are easy to overlook all winter long. Here are some places to start. Radiators Cleaning radiators is a dirty, dusty job, but it’s got to be done periodically to reign in all the gunk and dust that collects in and behind old-fashioned radiators. The right tool is key to getting radiators clean. Check...

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3 Extra-Credit Spring Cleaning Tasks

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Spring cleaning can be downright dirty, but it’s worth tackling the hard jobs now so you can start the season off sparkling and fresh. Here are three tasks where going the extra mile makes a big difference.   Deep-clean carpets Even if you keep your carpets clean and vacuumed year-round, it’s a good idea to deep clean them every few months. It will help maintain the life of the carpet and keep it looking bright. You can call in a professional to have carpets cleaned, but for a fraction of the cost, try Capture Cleaning Powder. This product is available online and in some larger hardware...

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