Staging Your Home

Your home needs to be ‘Show Ready’.  If work needs to be done to make your home the top rated listing in your neighborhood, do it before it goes on the market.  If a prospective buyer sees that the kitchen floor needs to be replaced, that buyer is going to think that there are other areas that need fixing.  If that buyer is interested in your home, they will start by negotiating for a lower price.

Purchase contracts will also have contingencies in the contract that say that the buyer has the right to bring in a home inspector and/or pest inspector to tell them of any problems.  If their inspector(s) do find problems, they buyer may ask you to pay for all the repairs.

Fight Back

Home Staging

Home Staging is an important part of showcasing your home.  It’s more than just removing all your personal items such as family pictures etc. from the home and decluttering.  Our Agents can walk you through the steps necessary to get the biggest bang for the buck or introduce you to a professional home stager who can arrange furniture and accessories to improve the impression that is made when a buyer walks into your home.  Remember how it feels to walk into a model home where the size of furniture is complementary to the size of the rooms.  Your favorite recliner may fit you perfectly, but it may also be way too big for the room.  You can store the recliner until your new home is ready and in so doing, give the buyer an opportunity to picture his/her recliner in the room.  Let them emotionally ‘move in’.

Pre Listing Inspections

The more you know about your home, the stronger your negotiating position is.  When you have a home inspection and pest inspection before putting the home on the market, you will know (and have written proof of) the condition of your home.  You don’t want to find out after you have a purchase contract from a buyer and have agreed on a selling price, that their home inspector and pest inspector found $10,000 worth of repairs that need to be completed.  At that point, the buyer can walk away if they have a contingency to approve/disapprove any repairs found by inspections.

See What the Buyer Sees

Get in your car and drive around the block.  If you were a buyer driving around your neighborhood for the first time, what would your impression be?

Drive up to your home and park across the street.  What is your impression of your home’s curb appeal?  Look at it with the eyes of a buyer seeing it for the first time.  Is the landscaping neat and healthy?  Is the outside of your home clean and attractive?  Does it need a power wash?

Walk across the street and up to your front door.  Is the entry way inviting?  Remember to look at all this with the buyer’s eyes.  You are no longer looking at your home, but a product that you want to sell quickly and for the most money.

Many times we overlook small things that need to be repaired or freshened up.  We just don’t see them when we live in a home every day.  Chipped paint on the front door?  Would a new rug at the front door and a potted plant make the area more inviting?  How about the crowded closets – will they show as larger closets if you clean them out?  You have to remove all that anyway when you move, so do it now and the buyer will remember the nice neat closets.

The kitchen and bathroom(s) have to be sparkling clean, pet odors non-existent, and fresh flowers or cookies banking in the oven for open houses or showings make a difference.  Leave all the lights on when your Agent is bringing prospective buyers to see your well staged home.  Also, find someplace to go when the Agents are showing your home.  The buyers will not feel like staying around if you are in the house.  Let them see all of the amenities and picture themselves living there.

After maximizing the ‘Wow’ factor, your home is ready for photos.  A well decorated home will shine in professional photos.  Since most people start their search on the internet, photos have become more important than ever.  Great photos also make other marketing materials stand out.

Your home is now ready to ‘be presented’.  If you have been following our Marketrends Reports, you are aware that the market has changed dramatically.  The available homes for sale have dwindled creating a shortage of homes so we are seeing multiple offers throughout the Sacramento area.  This is a big change from the market just a year ago.  Even in a ‘sellers’ market, you still want to present the very best product (your home) so that you can get the highest price possible.

We work side-by-side with you to make sure that you have all the information and choices to maximize your sale.

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