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5 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Home Search

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Real Estate | 0 comments

The home-buying process can take some interesting twists and turns. If you find yourself missing out on homes when they hit the market, or you can’t find the exact home you want, you might need to adjust your criteria. Here are some areas to troubleshoot and pivot your search.  Rethink the neighborhood Just not seeing what you want in your first choice area for the price you can afford to pay? If you’ve been looking in a neighborhood for a while without success, it’s unlikely that the perfect home will suddenly appear in your price range and if it does, you’ll likely face stiff competition....

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Home Shopping? Walk Away If You Spot This in the Kitchen

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Real Estate | 0 comments

There are a lot of things that can set you back when you’re buying and flipping houses, but most of them aren’t going to be deal breakers, if you do your research and plan your rehabs right. With that said, if you’re buying a house for yourself or you’re worried about a tight rehab budget for a fix-and-flip house, there are definitely a few things you should look out for, and many of the big ones are in the kitchen. Some of these problems can be deal breakers and leave you wishing you had waited for a different property. Water damage Water damage is an important thing to look for in any room...

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You Live in a Hot Market … Should You Buy or Sell?

Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in Real Estate | 0 comments

The real estate market is full of ups and downs. So when the market in your area is at the boiling point, should you strike while the iron is hot to buy or sell? When you’re thinking about testing the waters with either a home purchase or sale, there’s a lot to consider before you make a decision. Here are some tips to get you started. Determine just how hot your market is Unless you actively seek out financial news, it may be difficult for many homeowners and potential buyers to know whether or not their market is at its peak. Once buyers and sellers determine that their market is doing...

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What Do You Mean My Home Isn’t Legal?

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Real Estate | 0 comments

Home may be where the heart is, but good luck convincing the authorities of that if your home is illegal. Your heart or finances may lead you to hang your hat in any number of atypical dwellings, but the truth is, it takes more than love to make a house a legal residence. Here’s a summary of the legal status for a few of the most popular forms of alternative housing. Mobile and manufactured homes The granddaddy of alternative housing, the modern mobile home (or trailer home) developed after World War II as a response to a newly mobile workforce looking for cheap housing in the midst of a...

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5 Things You Need to Know About Real Estate Disclosures

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in Real Estate | 0 comments

It’s standard practice in real estate to give a home a fresh coat of paint before putting it on the market. Nine out of 10 times, the intention is to show the property at its best. But every so often, the seller paints the house in hopes of covering something up. In most parts of the country, sellers (and agents) are required to document any known defects, current or past, to potential buyers. But some sellers don’t play by the rules and will try to get one past a buyer. Whether you’re a listing a home for sale or in the market to purchase, here are five things you should know about real...

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4 Things to Know About Buying a ‘For Sale by Owner’ Home

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Real Estate | 0 comments

During the home-buying process you’ll see tons of homes, mostly listed by real estate agents. But from time to time you might encounter a home listed for sale by owner (FSBO). You may even have a friend or relative who wants to sell you their home directly. While it may seem that buying a FSBO home without involving real estate agents would simplify the process, this isn’t necessarily true. Here are some points to keep in mind when you’re looking at a home for sale by owner.  Most sellers will work with your agent Smart home sellers know that most buyers work closely with a buyer’s agent for...

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