Make Halloween Work All Harvest

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How to Make Halloween Decor Work All Harvest

While cobwebs and plastic ghouls can create a fun, spooky vibe, a more elegant approach to Halloween decor can last the entire harvest season.

Bring Nature Indoors

As the weather cools and people spend more time inside, bring in outdoor touches to represent the season. Curly willow sticks gathered with a ribbon and placed horizontally on a table, or arranged in a vase. And of course, wheat sheaves, bales of hay and dried flowers are also elegant additions. You can buy them at any sort of art supply or craft store, and they last from Halloween through Thanksgiving.

Incorporate Understated Spooky Elements

Think of items found in an old haunted house like candelabras, mercury metal accessories or mirrors. They increase the spook factor, but they are stylish, appealing and last through the end of November. Keeping Halloween designs understated provides versatility.

Decorate with your Food

Your mother may have told you not to play with your food, but it’s perfectly acceptable to decorate with your food especially around Halloween. Beyond the traditional pumpkin decor, decorators suggest adding gourds such as butternut squash and even curly-leaved greens, like fennel, to indoor arrangements. You can include seasonal goodies from your very own yard. Go outside with some clippers and cut branches of changing trees, pluck some gourds or other seasonal veggies you have growing in your garden. Don’t be afraid to pair your awesome garden findings with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your local grocer. The key to a great centerpiece or porch display is groupings of items, rather than just one pumpkin or one gourd. Try to mix things up, so there are not just pumpkins, but a giant pumpkin, with gourds. Varying the size is important so you get dimension.

Go Vintage

Classic decor may be your best bet and gives a nostalgic rather than cheesy vibe. Get big tin letters and spell out ‘Boo,’ and it’s cute, not too hokey — just kind of fun. Also, collect vintage children’s Halloween noisemakers and pair them with old-time candies for a mantle display.

Don’t forget to have Fun

At times a porch filled with Halloween accessories is the perfect decorating route to take — especially if kids are in the house. After all, you are making an impression by having guests, trick-or-treaters or family over.

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