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10 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Home Decor | 0 comments

Whether it’s your first time hosting or you’re a seasoned pro, planning and cooking a Thanksgiving feast can be stressful. These 10 tips will help keep the day smooth, your sanity intact and your kitchen a little cleaner. Just don’t forget to take the giblet packet out of the turkey! Clear the counters This is the best place to start for a clean mind and clean kitchen. Load the dishes in the dishwasher, put away the random candy still lingering from Halloween and file the bills that are cluttering the counters. Now you’ll have a nice fresh space to sit down and write out your menu.  ...

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6 Common Obstacles Remodelers Face

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Home Decor, Investment property, Real Estate, Staging Your Home for Sale | 0 comments

6 Common Obstacles Remodelers Face The do-it-yourself movement is on the rise, and while revamping your home’s interior without professional assistance is a financially savvy move, it’s also one full of potential roadblocks. 1. Settle on a theme When tackling home design my biggest problem is trying to keep it cohesive and flowing from room to room, go eclectic. While cohesive style is classic, assorted designs are trending. Mix and match without going overboard by combining large, traditional living spaces with small, bright and bold powder rooms or entryways. 2. Prepare ahead of time...

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Bedroom Trends: What’s In!

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Home Decor, Staging Your Home for Sale, Tips | 0 comments

Bedroom Trends: What’s In Once upon a time, the big bedroom investment was a complete set of furniture that matched identically in style and details. This style is decidedly out this season. Here is what’s popular for master bedrooms for the year to come. In: Coordinated furniture Approach the bedroom like you would a living room, finding furniture that coordinates, but doesn’t necessarily match exactly.  In: Rustic, or raw wood and natural details One of the biggest trend surprises this season is the amount of raw or natural wood especially in pine finishes. The layer of textures, a rustic...

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5 Ideas for Creating a Budget Bedroom

Posted by on Oct 10, 2014 in Home Decor, Real Estate, Tips | 0 comments

5 Ideas for Creating a Bedroom Retreat on a Budget As days get shorter, you may be spending more time in your bedroom. This season you can create a relaxing bedroom retreat without breaking a bank. 1. Paint the walls Painting is always the first suggestion for a room redo. Affordable and DIY-friendly, a fresh coat of paint on the walls will dramatically change the room for the better. If you’re going for a relaxing look, most designers suggest gray paint. The neutral color works with several other colors, and is a trendy shade for this season. Warm gray is an easy choice because it goes with...

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Make Halloween Work All Harvest

Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in Home Decor, Real Estate, Staging Your Home for Sale, Tips | 0 comments

How to Make Halloween Decor Work All Harvest While cobwebs and plastic ghouls can create a fun, spooky vibe, a more elegant approach to Halloween decor can last the entire harvest season. Bring Nature Indoors As the weather cools and people spend more time inside, bring in outdoor touches to represent the season. Curly willow sticks gathered with a ribbon and placed horizontally on a table, or arranged in a vase. And of course, wheat sheaves, bales of hay and dried flowers are also elegant additions. You can buy them at any sort of art supply or craft store, and they last from Halloween...

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Creating a Home Office Space for All Ages

Posted by on Oct 3, 2014 in Home Decor, Organization, Real Estate, Tips | 0 comments

The line between working in and living in our homes has become less distinct — for all family members. More and more people want to have a home office, whether it’s a simple space for taking care of household business, a spot for the inevitable papers from school or the office or a dedicated spot for homework and studying. Where to put the office? A well-designed office area can provide a space that encourages productivity and reflects the style of the rest of your home. Finding space can be a challenge. If you’re fortunate to have a spare room, it’s easy to locate an office there. However,...

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