How to Ensure Your Pet Is a Good Rental Resident

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There’s nothing worse than living next door to an incessant barker or yappy dog — even howling cats can be a nuisance. It’s important to make sure your pet isn’t the one your neighbors complain about.

While a growing number of rental properties specialize in pet-friendly apartments and homes, it’s understandable why both property owners and their leasing agents are skeptical about pets.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your pet is a good renter.

Backed by credentials

If you’re looking to rent, being able to produce a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certificate to show your future landlord that your dog will be a good resident is ideal. This certification offered by the American Kennel Association (AKC) proves that a dog has received basic training and is well socialized around both people and other dogs — thus, less likely to cause disturbances.

If your dog is currently working with a trainer, ask about this certification, as many trainers are also CGC certified. The AKC website provides details about groups in various states that also offer this certification.

Additionally, be sure to get a letter of recommendation from a previous landlord with regard to your pet’s behavior. It can put you in a strong position to look at a wider variety of pet-friendly properties.

While you were out …

Taking your dog for a long walk or run before you go off to work will mean leaving him tired and happy — and content to snooze instead of scratching on the front door and damaging it, or annoying the neighbors by howling nonstop because he has been left home alone.

Separation anxiety and stress often lead to bad behavior in your absence. Give your pets distraction toys to keep them busy, or leave on a TV or radio for a sense of companionship.

Consider employing a dog walker to come once a day to give your dog an outing. Sending him to daycare is another option. Even if it’s only one day a week, it’s one day less of him being stressed because he’s home alone.


Cat accommodations

If you have a cat, get a large litter box and make sure that it’s scooped daily. Cats will go outside the litter box and pee on carpets if their box is dirty.

Similarly, it’s important to have a variety of scratchers around the home. Cats usually like to scratch soon after they have woken up from a nap, so place scratching posts close to a favorite sleeping spot. Training your cat to use them will deter her from scratching on woodwork and carpeting in your home and causing permanent damage.

Pesky pests

Keep in mind that summer is the height of flea and tick season. Make sure your pet has the necessary protection so he doesn’t bring fleas indoors to infest your home.

Interestingly, fleas only spend 20 percent of their lifespan on a pet. The rest of the time, the pests are in your carpeting and furnishings — and at that point they can be difficult to eradicate quickly. Landlords will charge for this kind of pest control.

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