How Credit History Affects Home Insurance Premiums

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Credit, Insurance | 0 comments

Want to know a (mostly) secret way to lower your home insurance premiums? One that could also reduce your mortgage and even affect how much you pay for your car and car insurance? It’s really not a secret, nor is it magic. It’s something anyone can do: maintaining a good credit score.   Your credit history affects more than your credit You likely know and understand how your credit history figures into the decision when you apply for a credit card or try to open an account at a clothing or furniture store. The credit card company or store wants to make sure you have a history of paying your...

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4 Simple Strategies to Shave Years Off Your Mortgage

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Credit, Investment property, Retirement, Tips | 0 comments

No one wants to spend longer making mortgage payments than they have to. The obvious way to pay off a mortgage faster is to get a shorter-term loan, like a 15-year instead of a 30-year. But on a $300,000 home purchase with 10 percent down, you’ll pay about $620 more per month on a 15-year loan than on a 30-year loan (including mortgage insurance), which might be too expensive for you. So how do you fix your budget with a loan you can afford, yet still pay it off early if you have extra money? Here’s a look at four common approaches.   Refinance and then reinvest savings It’s always prudent...

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